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      Kevin Remillard

      I spent more than I had planned to, but I call it an investment. I recently just purchased a brand new Matthews Halon Bow. I fixed it up with a new site, whisker biscuit, and got it all tuned up. And folks, i think I might just be addicted. I have been practicing almost daily and I’ve learned to use the Peep site very well. With that said, i dont want to get too cocky because i know shooting at a bullseye is far different than a live moving deer! The major reason i bought a bow was so i could have more season to hunt, but also more locations. I can now hunt in a few places in metro Atlanta that I could never hunt with a gun. I absolutely love the bow. Very smooth, quiet, and stable release. I can’t wait to test it out in September. I have a feeling hunting is going to get a of a lot more interesting, and fun.

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      While I am a traditional archer – a stickbow shooter – I have to admire the looks of this set-up. The great plus of a smooth compound bow is that it allows the new archer to shoot accurately in very short order. Between now and September check out some of the 3D shoots in the area. Good practice for the season and a lot of fun. Just key-word “3D archey Geaorgia” for local competitions. Look forward to seeing photos of your first bow deer.

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      Just go down Exit 98 off I-20 toward Eatonton and you will get a lot of experience! (& I wont be afraid Bambi will hit my car!!)

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      Very Nice, I also will be looking for that First Deer with a Bow Post ! Be Careful it’s addictive.

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      That’s one GREAT looking BOW! Good luck in September, hopefully you will be harvesting your first Deer with it.

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      Welcome to the addiction! I surely wish you success! It is the best path I ever took in my hunting career! I expect many kill shots this Fall.

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