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      Back in 1995 I was given two Puppies from a Friend of Mine, they were English Pointers. One of the first times I ever took my dogs to the woods was in the fall of 1996. Me and a friend had my dogs just walking in the cutover field at the back of my hunting property, all of a sudden my friend looks over an says Jays on point. Well I look over an sure enough he was still as a stone. Then in a Flash the Bird took flight well I raised my gun an shot the Bird fell from the Sky, my buddy was like Wow that was a GREAT Shot. I thought I’D just shot my first Quail, Jason found my Bird an when I went to take it from him I looked an I got a Surprise it was a woodcock! I had never even seen One of these Birds. My friend told me what it was an I was thrilled, he said you should get that Mounted. Well I did get it to my Taxidermist an I Love looking at the Bird and remembering that Special Day! My Dogs are gone now but the Memories will last forever, just another GREAT STORY from Gods Country ! It’s funny two weeks ago I was riding my Mule down to my middle food plot an this Bird flushes up an only goes about twenty Yards I sneak over to see this what I thought was a Quail an It flushes again and it’s a WOODCOCK! Talk about Memories WOW !

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      Great story! Remember decades ago when I got my first Woodcock while hunting a bottom area during one of our regular Saturday small game hunts. My father took several of my high school buddies and myself to an old farmstead southeast of Atlanta for a combo squirrel, quail and rabbit excursion. In one boggy area of tangles and scrub hardwoods I bumped a solitary bird and, taking it for a single quail, made a successful shot. On the pickup it, too, turned out to be a woodcock. We had to check the regs. to be sure the critter was in season but we were ok there. Should have had that one mounted but it became part of the game dinner. Fried squirrel, biscuits and gravy, pan roasted rabbit and one morsel of dark, rich woodcock breast meat – Good Eat’in. I’ve heard from one of the game management officers that a WMA near Atlanta hosts some wintertime Woodcock. Confirmation next season and I’ll pass the word along, maybe.

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