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      Just gifted with a long mulberry tree trunk that I have split into bow staves. I’ve worked with elm in the past to build my Welsh short bow, but mulberry is supposed to be even better. Its like Osage Orange, the standard bow wood of the plains Indians. Photos to follow and I will add posts as the building progresses. It will take a few weeks for the wood to season enough to be workable and then the real work of shaping, tillering (testing to be sure both limbs bend evenly) and final finishing will get under way. Some say the Cherokee used mulberry but the first bow, at least, will be patterned after neolithic European flat bows – 6000 to 2000BC. Waste not, want not. If you are dropping trees of any goodly size – 8+ inches in diameter – and have a clear section of at least four to six feet, think about researching whether the wood is good for bow making. Its fun, its free and you might wind up with a really usable stick bow. If you have worked with this wood, love to hear your experience.

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      Very Nice looking Wood ! Keep us posted.

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