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      Took my long time Hunting Buddie and friend Soybean down to my Dad’s House for a Sunday afternoon hunt. We didn’t see anything but i enjoyed myself and just soaked in the Woods, next Season i might not be able to hunt here. I was actually talking to my Dad as i was walking out and telling him yes i was still enjoying his Beautiful property.

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      Cool Post! Bitter Sweet to Walk around the property you’ve enjoyed for many years.

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      Jack 3

      That’s Awesome I’m Sure you’re Dad was watching Over you and Soybean.

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      Cool Story! I’m Sure you will cherish all the memories of this place.

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      Great Post! It’s always good to Hunt with friends and walking your Dad’s place is a Bonus for Sure.

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      Thanks for the invite. It was an honor to sit on his place for a hunt. I know how that feels to lose someone special and the ground they let you hunt for years. I didnt see a deer and froze my tail off but it was fun.

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      BIG Jim

      That’s a Awesome story! I’m Sure that was a Special Hunt even though you didn’t see anything. A tribute to your Dad’s place.

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      mine was my grandpa. i grew up hunting his little farm in Franklin county GA. he was not a deer hunter (neither was my dad), but he always encouraged me and wanted to know what i saw. i remember walking back up to the house after hunts and his exact words were always “where’s the deer?”

      he passed in ‘03, i got to keep hunting it until ‘15 when my family sold it. i think about him and the farm all the time.

      ironically, i killed my 2 of the 3 best bucks off the farm during that final season. the 3rd i killed in the ‘14 season. very similar to your situation. its strange how things work out. hunted it from 1998-2015 and kill the 3 best bucks in the final 2 seasons. i know he was there with me every time i hunted. i owe the outdoorsman i am today to him, i probably wouldnt even hunt if it wasnt for him. he lit the fire and it hasnt burned out yet.

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