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      Well years ago my Wife an I drove down to Gray Georgia for me to pick up a so called Squirrel Dog. We met the Owner of the Puppies and looked at many cute little dogs, the Owner took the Puppies with Mom out to the Woods the Funny thing was Bonnie stayed around the House. I figured she Would be a GREAT Hunting Dog. Anyway I took her to the Woods when she was young she loved running all over and searching for Squirrel’s, but if I shot my 22 rifle she would run back to my Truck. Her Famous place that she liked was my Sofa sitting on a Pillow next to me. This past Wednesday I had to put my Girl to Sleep she was 16 and Her Heart just Gave Out. My house is so quiet she will be Missed! See Pictures Below.

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      Hate to see any Dog Lost she was a Good One !

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      O Man hate to here that, feeling you’re Pain.

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      Really understand how you must be feeling right now. Less than a year ago my Boykin, Mick, died after fifteen years of great companionship and hunting adventures. But the wonderful memories will see you through. Probably not “theologically correct,” but I’ve got a hope that when we are reunited with our loved ones who have gone on before, we will be reunited with ALL our loved ones.

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      Sorry to here that! Sounds like she was a GREAT Dog an Friend.

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