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      Visited Warwoman WMA this past Monday to scout for possible ruffed grouse cover. I had hoped to be able to talk with rangers but no one at the check station. Good news was that Finney Creek Road, a recommended area, was passable for normal auto traffic into the heart of the area. Bad news, most of the forest is older growth with little obvious cutover second growth which grouse prefer. The wildlife openings were openings for sure. Wide open like dove fields. No scrubb cover and saplings. So much for grouse, but could be great for Spring turkey.

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      Grouse are VERY Hard to find, years ago I actually got a pretty good close shot at a Bird up at Coopers Creek. I would like to go again someday.

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      That’s the Ultimate Game Bird!

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      Keep us posted on the Bird Hunting!

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      Did get reports about ruffed grouse on the Atlanta tract of the Dawson Forest WMA. My older son will be down from Cincinnati for Thanksgiving and we plan a “target of opportunity” small game hunt there on the Friday after. Maybe we can kick up a grouse while chasing squirrels and other critters. Between agricultural changes and predator incursions our ground nesting game birds are just about a thing of the past. Never were many grouse, but its a shame that you can hardly find a covey in what was once the Quail Capital of the World. Has anybody done any snipe or rail hunting at the coast? Understand that there are plenty of those guys in the marshes.

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      Sounds like a GREAT TRIP! Would like to see some Grouse.

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      Planning a return trip after December 10, when small game dates are back in force. Since duck season will be in also and we jumped a number of ducks from the Etowah River I’ll be carrying non-toxic shot – as required by federal law. Bass Pro Shops has legal “waterfowl loads in high brass 20 gauge in #7 1/2 shot. Should work for short range ducks and grouse as well. Remember, you can’t have lead shot in your possession while duck hunting. Doesn’t make a lot of sence for an area where I would be shooting lead for squirrels or other small game. Same scenario at Lula Bridge since tgey opened it for other small game. Both places I’ll carry non-toxic loads, just in case I get a shot at a duck or goose. If these loads work well I might just shift to non-toxic loads altogether. Ready for anything, then.

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