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      Crane Man

      Well this Season hasn’t gone as Planed, after letting a couple of Deer walk early I have ended up without a Deer in the Freezer. Don’t get me wrong it’s my fault and I was looking for a Certain Buck but now I think i should have shot a Doe early and then Hunted for the elusive Buck. Anyone else have a Year like this ? Just asking.

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      Count me in ! I have not had a good year, actually missed one a tough shot but probably should have Waited and I also Passed on Several Does early on and now it seems there are on lock down. Luckily I still have some meat left but I really would have liked to put another Deer in the Freezer. I really enjoyed being in the Woods anyway and the friends I spent it with.

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      I’m in the Club ! I actually hunted really hard but I must admit that I to have let a few Deer go and now I’m thinking I should have put something on the ground. But I’m still out there trying to get a chance at anything that comes by. I need the meat. FUNNY how you think Deer Season is going to go and it NEVER happens !

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      I’m still with out a Deer but it’s my fault, I’m Chasing a BIG Old Buck and haven’t seen it yet. I’ve had a Great time in the Woods and enjoyed every day in the Outdoors. All Seasons are different as is all time Hunting. Good luck to everyone still Out Searching for a Deer.

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      Haven’t put anything on the ground but I’m really trying to let all Bucks walk this year and all I’ve seen is small Does. Sometimes you have to let them go to build a better heard, it’s going to pay off next Season when they are a year older. I have had a Great time watching the Deer and making a inventory and I’ll be interested to see who’s still around after the Season. Can’t wait till next year. Actually have a friend who has extra meat so I’m good !

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