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      Well as most of you Know I’m a Big Bow Hunter and One of my Goals is to Someday Still Hunt and take a Deer with my Bow. Some People call it Stalking, either way it’s a GREAT Way to walk through your Hunting area an Scout New Places that may hold Deer. I was surprised at how many Deer trails that were very close to the area I normally Hunted. The Trees were larger than I had expected, I didn’t see anything during my Hunt but it was good just looking around. I’m already looking at New Stand Site’s for Next Season. Found a GREAT Rub Deep in the Pines, you can’t beat a walk in the Woods. See pictures Below.

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      Yes Sir ! That’s a GREAT Way to Hunt and Look Around at your Hunting property, it’s also neat to walk and get a little exercise and stay in Hunting Shape. GREAT Pictures.

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      I’ve actually Never Hunted that Way but would like To, keep us posted on how Things turn Out. That would be a GREAT way to take a Deer! That’s a heck of a Rub.

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      Love to still hunt better than anything. Of course, that kind of hunting won’t work on public land or even most deer clubs – tree stand hunting is required for safety. But if you have your hunting ground to yourself nothing beats the still hunt. Sometimes its only a matter of moving stealthily from likely spot to likely spot, waiting and listening for deer at each pause. Sometimes its really stalking, finding fresh sign and actually tracking the deer. Used to do that as a kid on property we had in Paulding county. You kind of feel like Daniel Boon. Quite a challenge but great fun.

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      A GREAT way to Find New signs an a Place to Hang a new Deer Stand!

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