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      A number of years ago my older son and I went bass fishing on Lake Norman near Charlotte North Carolina. An exciting new experience for a fly fisher who usually went after trout or panfish. It got especially exciting when the guide handed us rods equipped with bait casting reels. Visions of backlashed birdsnests immediately came to mind with the attendant shame and lost time. Fortunately,a few hints from the guide had us both casting like old hands in short order. We tried crank baits, plastic worms and pig-and-jig and, while the action was not one fish after another, had a great time on the lake learning, for me, some new styles of fishing. Not that this was a competition but there was a certain satisfaction, at the end of the day, when the old man outdid the kid. You never know what gifts are out there if you are willing to step out on faith and not rely entirely on acquired skill.

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      O Man that is one Fine looking Fish ! I’d like to catch a few of those this Spring. Always a GREAT time when you’re with youngsters doing anything Outdoors, Gods Gifts

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      Nice Fish!

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