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      When I was growing up my parents had a place at Jackson Lake, one of my favorite things to do was riding around in a old wooden fishing boat. It was like having a car only you were on water. My dad would buy me one tank of gas and tell me that was it for the weekend, sometimes I would get a little more. I must have traveled a million miles. Every once in awhile I would stop an fish, but I really liked going everywhere an visiting with the neighbors. I had a GREAT time just being my own Captain of the Sea. I think that the Water is very peaceful. It’s been years since I was on that Lake but the memories will last forever.

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      That was a great boat and I put a million miles on it too! I also taught my brother to water ski behind it with just a 5 1/2 hp Johnson. It’s certainly a great feeling being out on the water and the Captain of your own destiny!

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      Sounds like Fun !

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