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      Northern Dancer

      I hope everyone is doing fabulously well in whatever neck of the woods you play in.

      A colleague was sharing his misadventures in rainy weather in South Louisiana. So I shared this with him.

      I’ve read your post carefully and found myself thinking of a canoe trip that I took where it poured down for the entirety of the event. Normally I would be irritated at best, but on this occasion, I was quietly afraid of what I was observing. Nothing was moving – man or beast. At times, the rain was so loud smashing against the tent wall that conversation was suspended. The skies had that ugly black and every now and then the winds picked up and growled at us. We sat in quiet for most of the time and only did what was needed or what we had to do. We watched puddles get larger and larger and not drain away. There was nowhere to go. Sleep was exhausting because in the dark we could only hear what was going on around us but not able to see anything. This went on for three nights and four days. When there was a break in the weather we decided to pack up and move out. We examined our map carefully and had a contingency plan should the skies open up again. Dressed in full rain geat [first time ever] we got back to our access point and with remarkable speed had the vans packed. I’ve never been so happy to sit in a rustic, dry, cozy, and warm restaurant downing hot coffee and a hamburger with fries.

      It’s Decoration Day Weekend [Memorial Day] – think of someone who has served and if you have a chance – say thank you.

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      Great post Dancer! I’ll tell you about a fishing trip I once went on, my friend and I took off one afternoon in a steady rain to check some baited trout lines. Well we Underestimated the Weather for Sure. We were back in a cove and the weather started getting Worse so we decided to head for home, well when we hit the main Body of the lake the waves started coming Over the front of the Boat and it didn’t take but a minute to flood the inside. Moments later it flipped and all we could was to hold on and hope for the best. We drifted to the bank of the cove and all the Supplies came with Us ! We built a fire and stayed until morning and paddled our way home. It was a Scary moment in life.

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      Jack 3

      I was Camping one night and had a BIG thunderstorm park on top of me, actually Scared me until it was Over. Mother Nature is Very powerful.

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      I’ve been there, When I was much younger me and my friend Steve Wilson Camping at his Grandfather’s farm in Alabama a thunderstorm came in and we hunkered down and we were holding the Tent from the inside. That’s called Scared, next morning woke up with his Cows all around the Tent we had to laugh.

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      Last year I was in my Bus and it was raining So Hard that I was a little concerned, but then the Storm finally passed. Prayers answered !

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      Northern Dancer

      THANK YOU FOR SHARING EVERYONE. Some mighty scary stuff experienced here. It’s wonderful when it’s over and we can plant our feet are on dry land so to speak. Our superiority is somewhat diminished when Mother Nature stands over us and shakes us up.

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      BIG Jim

      Some Wild Stories right there! When I was a kid I can still remember a Camping trip that didn’t go as planned. HUGE Thunderstorms and we were lucky no real Damage but I was Scared. I guess you always remember things like that.

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