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      Got to sneak down to camp in Texas on Saturday. I was originally planning to stay the night in the bus, but it was about 92 degrees down there. I had the generator and AC going which kept it fairly cool. The camp grass was about a foot tall, so I spent about an hour and a half mowing it back. I had to take a break about every 15 minutes to cool off. Must have went through 5 water bottles, but got it done. Filled the feeder with the help from my neighbor and his side by side. We’ve been getting rain off an on for weeks, so it is still too soggy to drive my truck anywhere but camp. Checked the cameras but they were both down, but I got them reset with new batteries, hopefully I’ll have some good pictures next time.

      Shot my Matthews Switchback bow I picked up over the Holidays from a buddy of mine. Felt pretty good once I got it sighted close. It is still shooting about 2″-3″ left of center but the vertical is on. The sight is as far as it will go to though, so may have to look at a longer replacement piece for the sight to center it up.

      I decided to head back to the house once I had all the chores done. It was a little too hot for me. Hopefully July isn’t a scorcher as I plan to be back for more practice with the bow and starting some new projects.

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      Yeah it always Sounds good to go to Deer Camp this time of year but it’s so HOT ! Kinda spoils the excitement but at least you got some jobs Done. It’s Fun anyway

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      Jack 3

      Definitely Nice to get down to the Hunting land this time of year but it’s definitely Hot, but it also reminds me that Hunting Season is Not far off. Looks like it’s all grown in down there. Always off Season Jobs to do but I enjoy the work.

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      Even though it’s HOT I love just getting away from the City and relaxing in the Deer Woods ! You Should have some pictures of antlers soon

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      It’s amazing how fast this year is going and the fact that it’s HOT just means that Deer Season is approaching fast and the Camp Chors need to be finished, Soon it will be Time to Cut Shooting Lanes and checking out the Deer Stands Come on September.

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      Crane Man

      Sounds like a GREAT time even though it was Hot, just Curious did you find any Sheds this Spring l didn’t find much this year. Do you see any Hogs while Hunting and if So do you take any.

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      I know exactly how you Feel BFM the last time I went down to Deer Camp it was HOT ! It’s amazing how much water you can go through. I did move a Stand to a new Spot and was absolutely soaked after that. Bottom line is that this time of Year is get er Done time before the Season slips up on You.

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