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      Thanks to Richard’s generosity, Sonya and I had a marvelous weekend camping at the bus property. We got the one thing we were really looking for: quiet!!! When you live right on a major highway, there is no such thing as a silent night. Getting into the woods was a blessing. Saw and heard all sorts of critters, saw God’s heaven full of stars, sat around a cheery campfire that Sonya built in the fire pit and lit with flint and steel. We both shot my recently acquired 28ga percussion shotgun and explored the duck pond and the nearby peculiar geological deposits. And, outside of the shotgun, the loudest noise was the wind in the pines. Walked back from the pond/shooting house area – maybe between a half mile and a mile – in the middle of the road not a single car came by the whole time. Just us and some deer. A real cure for the big city blues. Thanks, again, Richard, for the loan of the bus.

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      Glad you had a good Time! There’s nothing like spending some Quality Outdoor Time and getting away from the rush of the Big City. Just the fact that your in the GREAT Outdoors helps the Soul, The Bus has a Magic Ora that I really Love.

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      Sounds like a GREAT TRIP!

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      Looks like you Had a GREAT WEEKEND! Always Fun to get away and to have a place to Shoot is a Bonus.

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      I need to get to the Woods myself! You have inspired me, nothing better than getting Out to the Woods for some Quite Time. The stars in the Sky are GREAT this time of Year, the Bus property Sounds like a good place to stay!

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      So nice of you Richard!!

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