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      Northern Dancer

      There is a Prayer Station at the back of our property. It was mid-morning and I was saying the Daily Office when all of a sudden I stopped. I listened intently. There were no cars, or delivery trucks, or those confounded noisy motorcycles darting up the street in a trail of exhaust. There were no planes in the air. I didn’t hear human voices and there was a strange absence of children. I didn’t hear a dog yapping and there wasn’t any noise. Nothing. So…this is what peace and quiet are all about. I slowly breathed in the cool air and continued – thanking God for an environment not marred by conflict.

      True Peace my Friends – this day and every day.

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      Sometimes the Quite is a Good thing.

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      BIG Jim

      This is a Hard lesson, I like the Silence of the time we are in. But I really look forward to getting Back to a New Normal. I’m hoping that people will have a NEW respect and Be Nice and respectful to their Neighbors.

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      This has Definitely had a Soul Searching effect on many of Us ! hopefully there will be a Spiritual awakening.

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      Jack 3

      This is a different Situation we are in hopefully we can learn from it, not take Our lives for Granted.

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      I have really been trying to focus on my Work and helping out my Family, has to keep my Grandson last week because my daughter in law is a Nurse and my youngest Son is in the Grocery business. There Daycare has been Closed for several weeks. Blessings in disguise.

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      I think the LORD gave Us all time to Reflect !

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