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      Well I HAVE one of my Favorites to tell everyone about! It has to do with Bow Hunting since it’s right around the Corner. Year’s ago a Older Man lived across the street from Me an he always killed Deer During the Archery Season, he would come in with a good Buck or Doe many times. Well one day he had a Nice 5pt Buck an was dressing it Out, so I went Over an asked him how he always killed Deer. He looked at me and said SHOOT LOW , he explained to me that a deer will here the Bow and drop strait down to get ready to Bound away. He said that if he didn’t drop you will have a Good Heart shot and your exit hole will be lower to let the Blood out for a good Blood Trail. Well that’s my Tip hopefully it will help somebody with a successful Hunt ! Share your hunting Tip ! Good luck Everyone this Hunting Season. And Be Careful.

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      GREAT Advice!

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      Here’s One, For years I have put my release on my Bow that way I Never get to my stand without it. I just put it on just like it’s around my wrist an take the front and put a rubber band around the stabilizer to hold the very front of the release. Try it you’ll never forget your release again!

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