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      Well Year’s ago I Purchased some Duck Box Kits from Wildlife Forever and had planed on putting them in a Beaver Pond were I hunted. I am not a Duck hunter so they just sat in my Basement for a LONG TIME. The Bus property that I hunt on Now has a Spring on the upper side of the tract, an the First time that I found it I was walking towards this Spot an Saw a Wood Duck Fly off. I thought, that was a Wood Duck. When I found the water and realized how long this Spring had been around I Said to myself this is a GREAT little Spot. Well I HAVE made up my mind that I’m going to put up my Duck Boxes this Spring! We have to help out Gods creatures and hopefully there will be More Wood Ducks at the Bus property.

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      Great way to help out the Wood Ducks! They were once in real trouble but have rebounded and will continue to increase as long as thoughtful people take the time to preserve habitat and provide nesting boxes. That is especially important in these times of sadly reduced capability of our Natural Resources Department to direct attention and funds to these issues. Maybe now that all Wildlife Management Area users have to pay for the access – not just the hunters and fisher-folk – more funds and personnel will be in place to benefit wildlife. The Book is pretty clear on our obligation to respect and steward the blessings we have been given and the individual impact, for good or ill, can be significant. Proactive efforts like duck box installation, wetland preservation, natural food enhancement, and food plot maintenance along with self-imposed harvest limits will help insure our hunting and fishing heritage. And TIP, turn in poachers, the game hogs and slob hunters posing as sportsmen put our whole outdoor heritage in danger.

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      Well I was down at the BUS PROPERTY this last weekend and walked up on my little spring fed pond, all of a sudden I heard a Splash an up comes a BEAUTIFUL WOOD DUCK! I’ve got to get my Boxes in the Water. Just another GIFT from God, also saw 4 Deer an a Flock of Turkeys. GREAT WEEKEND!

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      Now that’s Cool!

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