Has anyone Killed any Coyotes or Hogs ?

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      Killed this guy last Weekend ! He was Sneaking through the Hardwoods but I was able to get a Shot off before he saw Me.

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      Crane Man

      Saw two Deer RUNNING from a Pine thicket Opening weekend and a Coyote popped out but I couldn’t get a shot, but that’s the Only One I’ve seen this Season.

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      Had a Hog behind my Stand this Season but it was to Small to Shoot didn’t want to mess up my hunting that Afternoon. Good Shot on that Dog !

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      Good Job ! I haven’t seen any Hogs in years but when I Hunted in Texas with my Son I saw 2 Coyotes and Drew on One but he saw me and high Tailed it, we had some guys down the road from my land trapped Coyotes last few years and it seemed to help.

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      Great JOB getting that Fawn Killer ! Saw A BIG Coyote second Weekend but he was Running hard no Chance for a Shot.

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