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      Anybody else having trouble finding the Bucks this time of year? I have seen a few small ones but the BIG Deer are really hard to locate. It’s always amazing to me how these Giants just Disappear from the Hunting land. O well I guess it’s not Over until it’s Over !

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      I’m with you ! Seems like EVERY time I don’t go Hunting ONE day that’s when they Show up. The week of Halloween I was Driving to Texas to see my Oldest Son and his family and get in a little Hunting in Texas a BIG Body Buck Showed up at my little Bow only Spot. I actually saw some Bucks Chasing a Doe yesterday at my Bus property a total of 5 were Chasing ONE Doe, I couldn’t believe it that’s the most I’ve ever seen at once. No shot Opportunity. Well like you said Outdoorsman it ain’t Over yet.

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      I guess I’m in the Club ! Isn’t it Crazy how these Giants escape year after year and then Show up on camera right after the Season. I think they got a Copy of the Hunting Regs 😂. But I still have Hope that I’ll catch One before it’s Over.

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      Jack 3

      Hang in there Guys ! You never know what day it’s going to happen. Good luck to all, lots of Season left

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      Crane Man

      I can’t believe How they just Hide and Disappear this time of Year ! But I’m hoping to see a Big Buck before it’s OVER.

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