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      Well as you all Know I’m a Big Fan of October, this morning I was in the Woods at the Infamous BUS. The Good Lord had a BEAUTIFUL Morning in store for Me. I hadn’t been in the Stand long and a Doe ran across the Woods in front of my area, it wasn’t long before I looked up to see a Buck Walking near my spot and he had a GREAT Horn on One Side but the Other was only a fork. After that two small Bucks came by a spike an a button they went right under my stand. Well the Show wasn’t Over by a long Shot, about 30 minutes later here come a bunch of Turkeys I thought this is FANTASTIC. Well about 11:30 I was about to get Down and I looked up an there is a good looking Small 8pt walking in on the road just above Me. So now I’m thinking don’t get Down, well I hunted until 1:00 but that was all but what a GREAT MORNING IN THE WOODS. I tried to get pictures of the deer but only got the Turkeys. October Dreams indeed !

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      Sounds like you had a GREAT weekend ! The weather is getting good

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      Man you must be in a GREAT Spot ! Lots of action

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      I’d say you’re in the right Spot, man that’s a lot of animals to see in one Sit. Definitely hunting well

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      Crane Man

      I know you’re excited ! Want be long before the Ruts here.

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      Love October too! My favorite time of year. Looks like you’re set for a great hunting season. Good luck & God Bless

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      You’re in a good spot! It’s pretty nice when you can’t get out of the stand on account of all the deer.

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