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      Well I’ve been thinking a lot about getting Older lately especially when I get Out and start walking around the Woods or just doing something at the House. All kinds of New aches and Pains Showing up under New conditions, I guess I’ll just have to Deal with this but I don’t have be happy about it. Ok enough Complaining at least the Weather is starting to improve and it’ll be Warm and Sunny soon enough. Cookouts and fishing trips are just waiting to be had ! Come on Summer.

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      FUNNY you Should post this ! I was just thinking about How out of Shape I was this year, of course I’ll start swimming in a couple more months and Splitting some firewood for next Season really Soon. I kinda got a little bit behind this year because of all the rain and the fact that they were thinning my trees. But I have been pretty Sore lately and walking around the Woods trying to get back in Shape. This to shall pass.

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      BIG Jim

      Outdoorsman I’m with you, as someone who passed 60 a few years ago I can relate. Keep up the exercise and move around even when you don’t want to it’ll help, keep your Vitamin Supplements going also. My thoughts are at least I’m still moving Praise the LORD.

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      Outdoorsman I guess I’m in the Club! This weekend is a Great example of getting a little Older because in the Old days I would have been out in the Cool and Windy conditions looking for Turkey’s. I actually like about the 3rd week of the Season because many of the Hens are Locked up and other Birds are out searching. Bottom line is I’m going to keep going until I can’t do it anymore. Good Post

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      Jack 3

      Agreed to all ! Getting Older is not easy but I’m not giving up. Hopefully I’ll still be out there in the Woods years from Now. It’s Unfortunate that we all have to face.

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      As Gus says the Older the Violin the Sweeter the Music 😂 ! Sorry I couldn’t resist, the way I look at is when you get Older you know more about life and avoid making to many mistakes. Plus you learn to relax and enjoy the moment and not sweat the little things. Just my 2 cents.

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      Yes sir! Come the first week of tracking season I’ll be so sore I can hardly walk lol

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      Northern Dancer

      …okay, okay, so where do I get my membership card?

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      Update ! I drove my tractor today and planted One Food Plot and I’m really feeling it this evening. WOW

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