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      Don’t know if everyone else is having trouble finding a good Buck but i haven’t seen anything worth Harvesting ? I let several small ones go and now I’m thinking i actually should have shot something. Really HATE to kill small Bucks.

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      Jack 3

      I feel you Bravo, i let a decent 7pt walk 2nd weekend and I haven’t seen anything better so it’s my fault! Hopefully I’ll see a good ONE before it’s Over.

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      I was just thinking about this yesterday and wondering how many of Hunters were having the kind of season i am ? Bravo i literally haven’t seen anything worth shooting at. Hopefully I’ll get lucky before it’s Over. Starting the season with a Broken hand doesn’t help matters 😏 ! Hope you have some good luck later this year.

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      It’s definitely been a strange year! I have only seen small Bucks Chasing and the big Boy’s have been out only at night. Maybe i missed the Rut but I’m hoping to catch the 2nd ONE. Good luck to everyone still Hunting.

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