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      Visited my sister Barbara up in Franklin NC this past weekend and a great time was had by all. Introduced my dear friend Sonya (who is also the first advertiser on Faithoutdoorz – see banner on forum page) and her daughter Ruby to fun in Franklin. Went gem mining, kayaking, deer watching – a herd of at least ten were playing on a meadow on the property – and enjoyed a fantastic wild game dinner at my sister’s church. Venison, bear, rabbit, raccoon, wild turkey, catfish, alligator, tastie veggies and fantastic cobbler. Wonderful rest from the rush of the ATL. You’ve just got to thank God for times and places and people like that. Give Franklin a try when you need a breath of fresh air.

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      Sounds like a GREAT TRIP! It’s hard to beat the Outdoors and good Friends.

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      That must have been a GREAT Meal, I’ve Never eaten have of those things. Sounds like a good Trip.

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      I always like going to Wild Game Suppers you can’t find stuff to Eat like that in the City! Sounds like you Had a good Trip.

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      I knew you Would Enjoy that Trip! Always Fun to get Away. Thanks to Sonya for the New Advertisement that’s a Big step for Us at Faithoutdoorz.

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