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      Well October 16 was a WILD day in the woods shot a doe just before dark so I get down and check for blood had good blood trail. My oldest son
      had flown in from Dallas, Texas and was at camp so I get him to help look for my deer, he was more than ready. So about 100 wards later we run out of blood and no deer, we did a grid search , had just about give up. I was done after hour an half an no deer or blood so I told my son lets go. Well the whole time I’m looking for this deer I am asking the lord to help me find my deer. We get in my mule to head back to camp an I drove down our back road to turn around b/c it was easier. I just decided to pull down the road just a little THERE WAS MY DEER ! I just looked at my son He said no way we laughed and I looked to the Heavens and said thank you Jesus ! What a Hunt!! Amen

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      Jarrod Skeggs

      What an awesome story. Diligence pays off. Sometimes the LORD wants us to acknowledge that we need his help and when we ask for it, he is ready to give it. I haven’t made it out to the woods just yet this season but I plan to take a day this week and hope to find me a good deer.

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      That’s a Good story! I like reading hunting stories of the year before, gets me ready to go for this Season.

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