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      Keeper Thurman

      As I sit in my stand this morning, I have time to think about all the blessings I’ve had in my life, with my experiences hunting being near the top of the list. Granted, this morning the woods have been pretty quiet as far as deer go. Most hunters would get aggravated and think that because they aren’t seeing any deer, then the hunt was a waste of time. I had an older hunter tell me that a couple of days ago, and this morning it’s really got me thinking about how no hunt is a waste of time in my opinion, whether I get a deer or not. Each time I go and sit in the deerstand, it’s like I get to see all the little details that go into God’s handiwork, like little birds flying all around you, squirrels playing, and you get to listen to the noises of the forest as the world comes to life. Sure, there’s nothing quite like the adrenaline rush of killing a big buck or landing the shot on a doe at 200 yards, but there’s also nothing quite like getting to sit back and observe all the little things either.

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      Great POST ! I have that feeling myself when I go in the Woods I feel Blessed just to be Out there and enjoying Time Spent.

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      What a FANTASTIC Post ! You know how I feel every time I hit the Woods, doesn’t matter how many Deer I see of if I don’t see anything I always have a Good Calm that comes Over Me. I actually Pray when I get in my stand for a Safe Hunt and thank God for allowing me to come back to the place I LOVE. It’s Funny my Wife tells me I think you just like Sitting in the Woods after I come Home and tell her about the Deer I’ve Seen, she says well Where are they. I only shoot what I need to Eat unless the BIG BOY Walks by. Saw 14 Saturday Evening but No Shooters, another Blessed Day in the WOODS.

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      Crane Man

      This is a GREAT Subject ! I really Don’t believe any HUNT is a Waste of Time, I enjoy every Second of time that I’m able to Sit in the Beautiful Woods and distress my Body and Mind. Truly Blessed

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      Good Topic I try and Remember my Blessing of getting to go to the Woods because I have Several Friends that No longer are able to get to Deer Camp. They have Health Problems or just can’t fiscally move very well, So enjoy every Hunt you NEVER Know what life might throw at you. A Hunt without seeing a Deer is Still a GREAT HUNT !

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