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      Keeper Thurman

      I work as a waitress, and often times, waitress hours vary. A typical shift can be anywhere from four hours to a full ten, depending on what’s going on in town. In my near two years of experience, I’ve noted that we gain more customers during deer season, which is great for the tip jar but not always ideal when you’re an avid deer hunter like myself.
      On this particular afternoon, my shift ended at around four o’clock. I’d heard from some of the local deer hunters that the bucks were moving, and I’d decided I would hunt after work if I got off in time. However, four o’clock was pushing it getting in the deer stand, so I’d almost changed my mind when I clocked out.
      To my surprise, when I arrived back at my parents house, my father, brother, and boyfriend at the time we’re all waiting on me to go hunting with them. With barely enough time to grab a camouflage hat and shirt, I accompanied them to the woods. I chose to hunt a stand I’d had excellent luck in last season. I’d managed to kill an eight point with a 19″ spread there opening morning. So I figured I was just as likely to see a buck there as I was anywhere else on our property and quickly yet quietly made my way to my stand. I climbed up and got settled in and no sooner than I’d lowered the arm bar of the stand, I heard what sounded like a deer running up the four wheeler trail behind me. I paused, listening to the direction of the animal and was shocked to figure that it was heading in my direction. Slowly, I turned around and looked over my shoulder. There, standing in the road, looking around was a wide eight point. I could tell by his body language that he was startled, so I thought to myself ‘if he runs up this ridge towards me, I’ll shoot him’. My heart pounded and seconds drug on as the buck tried to decide which direction he was headed. Then, just as if he was beckoned, he pranced up the ridge, just to the left of my stand.
      Keeping true to my own word, I picked up my .308 Remington, put him in my sights, and shot. There beside me, the buck lay on the ground. I laughed to myself as I reloaded my rifle because I had accomplished what I’d set out to do in less than five minutes.

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      That’s awesome ! GREAT shot and a Beautiful Deer. Sometimes it happens that way. Congratulations and Welcome to the Site. !

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      Sounds like a GREAT Hunt ! That’s a Beautiful Deer. I would definitely keep hunting that Stand.

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      Crane Man

      Congratulations on a Fine Buck !

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      Great to hear about a successful hunt;especially when such a beautiful buck is the result. Congratulations on a fine deer and all my respect for the hard work you put in on your job. You deserved a quick and easy deer hunt.

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      Congrats that’s a great buck! Wall hanger for sure. Great story.

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      What a GREAT Story an a GREAT DEER ! Hope your going to Mount it. Awesome Post

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      Good Buck! Congratulations

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      Kevin Remillard

      Beautiful deer! You gotta GO, in order to kill a deer, because you just never know! Congrats on a great kill.

      Welcome to the site!

      Ps- Thanks for all the service at the best BBQ joint in the south 🙂

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      Congratulations!! That’s a great buck!

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      Good looking DEER ! Congratulations

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      Keeper Thurman

      Recently killed another nice 8 out of it about three weeks ago.

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      Keeper Thurman

      I skull mounted him I am waiting to shoulder mount one that is bigger than he biggest one I’ve killed. He was nice but he wasn’t a $500 cape mount kind of nice

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