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      I have hunted with my Dad since I can remember. The first few years I started hunting hard, I had a lot of misses and a lot of long seasons of no deer or rarely seeing deer. Some seasons even without seeing a deer. I would find myself using grunt calls and doe cans thinking that would bring the deer in. I think in all my time hunting, I can remember only one deer ever coming to me on a grunt call. And on that instance it came in so quick and right under my stand and spooked and ran off. My Dad always told me if you want to see the deer, all you have to do is remain still and silent and you will see more deer than you can ever imagine. Well I took it to heart. I still take calls with me, but I don’t touch them. Just being in the woods and being silent and listening to what nature has in store for you. Man you can’t beat it. It is relaxing, refreshing, and no matter what problem you have at work or at home, it will cure what ails you. I say a prayer every time I hunt to thank God for allowing me the opportunity to enjoy nature in all its glory. Well it’s been a few years now, but way back in 2004, I was hunting near the rut in Hancock County, Ga, which is quality buck. I had never harvested a buck worth mounting, and never really seen one in the woods. I was overlooking a ridge line and saw movement about 150 yards in the distance. I had to squint and zoomed in with binoculars and saw horns wrapped around a tree, Big ones tearing up a tree. And as soon as I saw it, the deer moved on. I was excited but bummed I didn’t get the opportunity for a shot. On to the next weekend, I made sure to hunt that same stand thinking he would be back. I am not 100% sure it was the same deer, but I have a pretty good feeling it was. Rut was full on and I believe it was Saturday about 10:00 AM had two does come flying by my stand in a full sprint. About 2 minutes later, all I see is horns down on the ground in hot pursuit. I get my rifle up and ready. He stops 30 yards out. Boom! He doesn’t move. Reloaded, Boom! This time he kicks and runs off toward the pond. I think I hear him stop. My heart was beating so fast at this point. Finally got down to find him and he only ran about 30 yards. It was a great feeling to finally get my first wall hanger!

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      I remember that day just like it was yesterday ! I was so proud of you, I still remember seeing those BIG HORNS an thinking WOW my son just killed a GREAT deer. That’s deer hunting for you, a BIG Buck can come along anytime you never know. I never get tired of seeing that picture. GREAT memories at Deer land.

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      That picture is so old
      dad got me on here finally.
      Wasn’t this your first big deer.

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      Yes sir! Took a long time to get a big deer!

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      Kevin Remillard

      That’s an Awesome Deer! Still waiting for mine to walk by!

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      That’s a GREAT BUCK an a good Hunting story!

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      Enjoy reading your great hunting stories!

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