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      Back in 2001 was one of the first times I had ever been deer hunting down in Sparta Georgia. With my Dad and two brothers along for the trip it was one worth holding in memory. The morning hunt was cold and I had never been a fan of temperatures under 20 degrees. I think it was 18 or so this morning and I was hunting out of a tree stand and the edge of one of our food plots. It was probably around 9 or 930 when I first saw the deer approach from the left side of the food plot. It was a decent size doe slowly walking along the middle of the food plot. I was so young and inexperienced I remember my hands shaking pretty bad. I waited until the deer was directly in front of my stand before taking aim. Then using the “grunt” sound my dad had taught me to make the deer stop moving I let out a soft grunt the deer stopped on a dime and was frozen broadside. I was using a 30/30 rifle, I slowly pulled the gun into position and pulled back the fingers on my glove. I tried to slow my breathing and my shaking hands and aimed right behind the front leg and pulled the trigger. It was a good shot and I was pretty sure it I hit inches from where I had aimed and the deer took off to the right out of the food plot. The deer ran through the woods until I lost sight of it. My dad and brothers soon showed up in the mule after hearing my shot. We started the search for blood through the woods. This was a frustrating search at first because there was little to no blood anywhere. My fist thought was I flat out missed the big easy broadside deer in front of me. Luckily we found traces of blood here and there and only about 200 feet into the woods to the right of the food plot. There she was, my first deer kill and I was relived that I hadn’t missed or just grazed the deer. My dad got to work starting to field dress the deer. That smell is the last thing a 13 year old expects to smell standing in a 20 degree cold morning in the woods. The smell was almost to much I had to back off a little until I got used to it. We then took the deer back in the mule to the cabin and celebrated my first kill with some lunch. That is the story of my first deer I killed hunting with my family down in Sparta.

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      That was a GREAT time in the Deer Woods! I was very Proud of you that morning. I remember that Day like it was yesterday, that was a GREAT Morning! You proved that you could shoot well.

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      It’s neat seeing those old pictures. You need to get back down there and hunt with us this coming year!

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