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      Back in 2005 my Son and I were down in Hancock country Georgia for Opening Day of Gun Season. We were all fired up an Dreams of Giant Horns on our minds, well we hunted Saturday Morning and didn’t see anything. After lunch we scouted a little an I was over at my stand site looking around an seriously thinking about moving my stand when my son Brian says Dad look at this, it was a Rub and the small pine was all ripped up. We left the area in a hurry an went Back to camp. That afternoon I was getting into the Bus and I hit my knee, I will tell you a old school Bus is Hard as a Rock ! Well we went out that afternoon an I was limping to my stand thinking I hope I see a Deer. It was about 30 minutes before Dark and I was standing up looking around all of a Sudden I heard something and then I saw the Back of a Deer. Then he comes in and I saw his Rack almost fell out of the Tree. All I could think was which way is he going, well he started horning a Tree then he stopped looked around and started walking to my right an I Drew my Bow an follow him an took the Shot. I saw the hit an the arrow hit right behind the shoulder. I was thinking to myself I just shot the Biggest Buck of my life with my Bow, I was so excited I had to tex my Son, well we had to get help from my friend Joe But we found my Deer, actually my son saw his eyes with a flashlight. Thank God for a GREAT time in the Woods.

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      That’s a GREAT BUCK with a Bow ! A good story of the Hunt. Congratulations

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      That’s one GREAT BUCK!

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      That was Huge Buck. Great memory of that night. Glad I was there to be a part of tracking him down.

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      Doesn’t Hancock have a Quality Deer Management program? That’s one thing that can really help the population of top notch deer. You won’t get good looking eight points like that if you shoot them as spikes or fork-horns. I’m not a “horn hunter” myself; rack size does not matter to me, individually, but the application of quality deer protocols helps the herd overall and that should matter to everybody. By the way, June 6th today so we are counting down to opening day. It will be here before you know it. Good hunting.

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      Kevin Remillard

      Nice, I hope to have me one of them this season!

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      Congrats brother!

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      That’s a fine deer, brother! Congratulations!

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