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      Well it was a little Cool on Father’s day so I just had to get my Bow out an take a few Shots off my Back Porch. I really don’t shoot that much in the Heat of the Summer, anyone else flinging some Arrows. Can you guess what I got for Christmas a few years ago ?

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      Reminds me of when I moved back into Atlanta in 1980. Had an apartment in a rambling old house in Little Five Points. The back porch was raised by a full basement and the back yard sloped down til it reached a high berm that carried the old “servants alley,” where delivery folks traveled to bring coal, groceries, milk, etc in the days when elegance ruled. That made a perfect spot for archery practice. In those days it was hay bales and block targets and the old Bear bow had a few more wheels than those today. Even so it was fun stacking arrows. Loved my old rotating head release, thumb trigger.

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      That’s a good shot!

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