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      Crane Man

      Just asking who introduced you into the Great Outdoors and Hunting Camping or Fishing ?, my Grandfather was a Big Part of my youth starting off fishing and the as I got a little Older he took me on my first Deer Hunt. I will always remember those trips to the lake or the Deer Woods and the Fun we had !

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      Great POST ! It was my Uncle Ted, he really loved the Outdoors and Would drag me to the Hunting Club every time he got a chance. I can remember him picking me up after School and going strait to Deer Camp and fixing potted meats and what he Called Soda Crackers for dinner, and who could forget Honey buns for Breakfast. Great Memories

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      Well this is a Great Topic ! Y’all will probably be Surprised to find out that No family member took me to the Woods but it was a Guy named Bobby Evans that I worked with. He was always going to the Woods on Friday afternoon and kept asking me to go, and so I finally got Curious and dug Out my Old 20 guage Shot Gun and went Deer Hunting. The first time I went I saw 6 Does and although it wasn’t Doe Days I couldn’t believe how excited I got. Well the Very next year I bought a 30 30 Winchester and killed a 4 pt Buck I was Hooked. I think about Bobby some times he Passed away years ago but I always have been so thankful that he introduced me to the Woods.

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      Jack 3

      My Dad and best friend took me to the Woods and taught me the ins and Outs of the Deer Camp living ! Anybody else ever had there Shirt tail Cut for missing a Deer ? That’s some Old school Stuff right there. Campfire Trials are a Great Fun a little Tom foolery

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      Grandpa Jess was my teacher he would take me fishing in the Summer and Deer Hunting in the Fall. I still remember the pointers he gave me from years ago, he’d say be still boy and stay quiet every time we hit the Woods. I’d always say I remember Grandpa and he would just Smile! Good memories for Sure.

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      My Dad took me a few times when I was younger but my Uncle Larry was the Hunter in the family, he would take me every time he was going to the Woods. He taught me how to Shoot and how to Scout and find Sign and his Biggest Fun was seeing me Smiling from ear to ear with a Beautiful Doe that I killed back in the day. I will always remember My Uncle Larry and I thank him for teaching me the way of the Woods.

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      My Dads Friend Joe taught Me how to Shoot at Deer camp when we went down with my Dad, I don’t get to go hunting much these Days. New Wife and New Baby but I will get back One Day, I will always be thankful for the lesson and the Great times down at the Cabin.

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      My Pops, Huntaholic, took me down to deer camp a few times when I was 7 or 8 I think. I just remember telling him I love it down here. From camp fires, camp dogs, all the stories (man were there stories). From then on out, it just always seemed like I was there. I seem to recall climbing a spiked tree to sit in a stand that was probably 30′ off the ground. Climbing ahead with my dad making sure I wasn’t going to fall out. Sitting there waiting for the sun to come up enough to see anything. Of course I wasn’t a great hunter then and couldn’t sit still but it has always been a rush to be in the stand early with no light and watch the woods come alive if just a minute at a time. My mom always used to ask me if we got enough to eat when we stayed out there. I always told her “we starved to death.” Became a running joke.

      Our camp manager Joe gave me pointers on shooting. I would always try to hold the sight and not move and had trouble early on hitting anything. I was always leaning back too, so when I would shoot the gun would pull up and never hit what I was aiming for. He taught me to lean into it and concentrate the movement into small circles and squeeze that trigger at the top of the circle. After that it just seemed to make sense and I started hitting the target which turned into later successful hunts. I also had no idea how to track. I thought when you shot a deer there would be a bright red trail leading to prize. Had to learn how to get low to the ground and find the spots. And of course, I had to talk to myself and learn how to breathe and cure the deer, “buck” fever. My heart still gets worked up just seeing that first deer every season. Come on Brian, calm down its just a doe!

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