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      Northern Dancer

      Good evening everyone! I truly wish all is well in your camp.

      I stopped into a fall canoe show. I couldn’t stay long. I immediately began to sweat, and get nervous, frustrated, and tense. I knew that I was being tempted in every direction. I began to twitch as my hand moved closer to my wallet that held my credit card. I knew without thinking that there was more than enough credit to commit sin. My friend looked at me and said, “Are you okay?” Ya, “I think so.” as I looked away toward the stunning painted paddles that blanketed the wall. Everything seemed to be calling me by name in a quiet reassuring voice. “Come, on, you know you want it.” “What are you waiting for?”

      I walked around in a daze stopping occasionally to ask some dumb question about a product. I gently touched the smooth surfaces of virgin canoes and took note of the sleek lines and fabulous colours.

      The only thing I bought that day was a coffee and a sandwich and the only thing I took home was volumes of brochures to feed my dreams and foster future possibilities.

      Ever had an experience like that one?

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      Dancer I’m still laughing 😂 O go ahead and get a New ONE, you can polish it up this Winter and be ready to go next Spring.

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      New Conoe seems reasonable 😂 ! Besides it will probably be more expensive next Season.

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      You know the Old saying Dancer, you can’t take it with you ! I say buy and enjoy yourself next Summer.

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      Jack 3

      This happens when I go to the Bass Pro and see all the Guns and Camping gear 😂. Go ahead Dancer as my dad used to say yo only live Once.

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