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      Kevin Remillard

      The Kayaking thread was as close as I could get. But I wanted to share my experience with river rafting. I love River Rafting. Great rush, but I also appreciate the power and force of a good river with a lot of rapids. I have rafted the Ocooe in TN a handful of times which is great, but it doesn’t compare to some of the rapids out west. The picture attached is a photo of me and my girlfriend rafting the colorado river. This picture was back in June. The day that we rafted it was thunder storming like crazy. I didnt think they would even allow us to go, but then they informed me that we were low in the mountains and that if lighting strikes its going to hit something higher before it gets to our level. With that said, it had been raining for 4-5 days straight. The river was raging! I had signed up for the advanced section, but due to the conditions Elena ( my girlfriend) was very timid of going. It took some convincing, but i finally got her to commit to going on the advanced section. There was a beginners section, and also an intermediate, but thats no fun. She had done the Ocooe one time before, but I knew she could handle it. In river rafting its not you, its the team. You have to work in stride, and everyone must pull their weight. We took a 1 hour training course, and at that moment I realized, this was going to be very intense. If someone were to fall out of the raft, you could be in serious trouble.

      Everyone passed the training test, and we were off. If i didnt live in GA, my second choice would be Colorado. They have beautiful mountains, and a great outdoor scene. The river raft normally last 3 hours, but they said the water was moving so quick that it would be cut to may 1.5 hours. It was intense as it could be. The water was cold, fast, and fierce. Elena and our team did great. Best of all, we had an absolute blast. No injuries occurred; It was all laughs and a great Rush. It was absolutely beautiful. I’ll def. be going back in the future to do this again.

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      That sounds like a GREAT adventure! I would like to go down the River myself. And I would love to see Colorado one Day! Talk about some of Gods Finest Sculptures.

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      Sounds like a GREAT TRIP!

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      Looks like Fun !

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      Cool trip!

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      You will really enjoy this when it gets to be about 90 degrees!!

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      That’s a GREAT Looking TRIP, I would really like to Do that one Day! Beautiful area with Gods Finest Creations.

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      They began a release program on the Tallula River back during the Olympics, I think, is that still a possible extreme white water venue? Not crazy wild but I understand that since the removal of a dam down at Columbus there is good water there. The Chatooga has been famous since the filming of “Deliverance” although James Dickey told me the actual event that inspired the book and movie took place on a section of the Coosawattee now drowned by Carter’s Lake. Thanks for the reminder how much fun river running can be. Here’s to plenty of rain and high water for the summertime.

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