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      Years ago I had been teaching my younger sons to shoot 22 rifles, they had gotten really good at hitting the target. Well I wanted to teach them hunting but they were a little to green to hunt deer. So I Decided to take them squirrel hunting. My younger son got him a good one, he was VERY happy! I ended up having to mount the squirrel. He still has it today

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      Always good to take Kids Small Game Hunting! Good Story

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      I really think we would have a lot more kids interested in hunting if they started out on small game. They get to stay in motion, they really have a sense of hunting FOR something rather than just waiting for something to come along, and the chances of harvesting some game are increased. My father took me and a number of friends small game hunting regularly in the fall and we would always come back tired but excited and with plenty of squirrels, rabbits, quail, dove, woodcock – whatever was in season – to fix a fun game dinner. Like our fish-fries, it was a family affair and a neighborly affair. It helped to build the anticipation that generated enough patience to spend time sitting in the tree stand or in a blind along a deer trail. For a youngster its not that easy or pleasant to “sit here and be quiet.”

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      Yep ! Got me a squirrel year’s ago before I ever took my first Deer,Lots of Fun.

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      Squirrel stew!

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