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      Northern Dancer

      We are halfway through the winter. January [in this neck of the woods] has seen more snow, the likes of which, haven’t been seen in years and the temperature has been excessively cold. I’m glad to see February on the horizon – because, unlike January, it is a short month.
      On this occasion, I like to share a summer blessing with you – with the hope that others will feel free to do the same.

      It was an “excessively hot” August evening. There were no stars and no clouds in the sky. The moon seemed larger than usual as we quietly pushed off from the sandy shore ten minutes before midnight. Without any commentary, we headed for the centre of Lake Louise. There was no wind and everything was still and peaceful. I remembered thinking to myself how refreshingly warm the water was and how great it would be to go swimming. But at the moment we were all experiencing the sound of silence and a spiritual moment. There were five canoes on this trip and when we got to the centre we threw a rope across the bow and stern so the canoes were joined together.
      Our Chaplain began, Almighty God, to You all hearts are open…and then immediately stopped. His booming voice pierced the silence of the night. In a much quieter voice, almost a whisper he continued. …all desires known, and from You no secrets are hid…
      With the Eucharist complete and the blessing shared, we all headed for the shore paddling in a rhythmic manner. With each paddle stroke, you could actually hear the water droplets fall back into the lake. When we got back we pulled the canoes up on shore for the evening, and each one silently headed to his tent. I remembered laying awake in my sleeping bag thinking how very much blessed I was until I rolled over and was fast asleep.

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      What a Great post Dancer! I can see the Conoes on the lake. Its been Very cold this winter and i too am. Looking for Spring and summer to come along.

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      BIG Jim

      Dancer I can’t imagine how COLD it is up there because it’s been below what’s normally cold around here. I would love to be in a Conoe on a lake with a 80 degree day, hopefully spring is near. Stay warm!

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      Jack 3

      Good morning Dancer hope you have HOT coffee and a warm place to stay out of this COLD Weather. I’m already dreaming of a nice Summer vacation Spot with my fishing poles in hand. Hopefully it won’t be long before this new year moves into better weather.

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      I know where you’re coming from Dancer especially after last night, a Big front came through with 30 miles and Hour winds and around 25 degrees this morning. But my old Bus kept me warm and cozy. On another front some not so nice person Stole my Gate’s off my property, they also got the Neighbors gates as well. The only positive thing is my friend has some extra gates he doesn’t need. I’m looking forward to Spring and a warm up.

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      I could use a little Spring myself Dancer, i do enjoy a nice fire but it’s really been a tough winter so far! Hopefully Spring is next on the list.

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      I’m ready for a little Spring summer myself Dancer. It’s almost groundhog day!

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      Hopefully we’ll have a early warm up and easy trip into Summer. Hang in there Dancer, maybe you can check out all your equipment and Conoes !

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