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      Northern Dancer

      Do you dream? What do you dream about?

      Sometimes my dreams are linked to pleasant circumstances of the past when things seemed better at the time. Like the Beatles song…Yesterday. Yesterday? There have been a lot of yesterdays for me and many filled with abundant blessings. It’s fascinating when a familiar tune pops into my head, or there is an aroma of food cooking that can send my mind back to some other time and another place. Simple things – like gathering with friends, pleasant conversations, navigating a challenging river, surviving a mid-summer storm, or just sitting around quietly at a campfire with a cup of java on a cool evening. The chuckles and laughter of the moment with people you value are packed neatly on a brain shelf to be brought down later. Photographs and videos that command you “to remember when.”

      Don’t forget to dream my friends. Dream of the past and recall joys and satisfactions. Dream of the future and rejoice when they become a reality in your life. Share those dreams with the Lord and with the people that count most in your life.

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      Well Said Dancer ! I was thinking about my Dad who’s not here and Uncle who took me to the Woods and the Great memories of Sitting around the Campfires and telling Stories. I’ll always remember the Times we had , memories forever in my Heart

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      I’m always Dreaming about something, Usually it’s a New thing that I would like to see for me or my family. I know this is not my Usual Dream but my latest is for my Wife, she has always wanted a place at the Beach. Well it just might be coming True, if all goes well we will Own a Place at Holden Beach NC. God is Good and it looks like he’s sending Us Blessings again. Mostly I’m happy for my Bride. NEVER stop Dreaming

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      Jack 3

      Great Post Dancer ! We all have and Need Dreams, it’s all together part of Life and Striving to better Ourselves to grow and develop into the personal Drive to Shoot for the Stars so to Speak. Dreaming is living and that’s Life who can explain it. Hope everyone’s Dreams Come TRUE !

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      NEVER give up on your Dreams, this is the reason you work hard and go through trials to better yourself and keep your nose to the grindstone ! Don’t forget to bring along faith and the LORD on your Journey. I Simply Dream of being able to retire One day and Hunt and fish and Camp as I please. Enough Said.

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      I’m Ready for Dreams of Fall Bucks and things getting back to Normal, I know that sometimes we all forget that we are Blessed because life gets Crazy. Hope everyone is Well and ready for the Summer Vacation time or maybe fishing even Camping, don’t Worry the Lord is with Us all. I’m Ready to see Some New Stories have Fun Outdoors and Enjoy yourself.

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      BIG Jim

      Great post! We need to Dream for if not Life would be Very Boring, hold on to your Dreams and strive to make as many of them come TRUE as possible. I think Dreams are a form of Blessings to each of us.

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