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      Northern Dancer

      He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters. Psalm 23:2

      – Waterways can change in an instant. I’ve seen that happen more than once. The docile lazy little river suddenly becomes a torrent smashing its way down the corridor and knocking anything out of the way. That anything could be you and your canoe. I’m instantly alarmed when I see people by-pass huge warning signs and nonchalantly sail up the river as if they had some magical portion to prevent a major tragedy. What is even scarier is to watch a canoe laden to the brim with unpacked gear and two young guys not wearing life jackets manipulating the craft in a haphazard way. – On this occasion, we were returning from a trip to Algonquin. It was evident that the hook-up river from Little Joe Lake to Tepee Lake, that had taken us so blissfully to our campsite, had risen considerably and was moving a lot faster. As we examined the situation we determined that we would be safe and though the current would move us a lot quicker we would be able to manage any problem. In fact, we thought the experience would be enjoyable. – But we didn’t think about one little equation. Somewhere on that river, immediately out of sight, was a humongous pine tree that had fallen and formed a canopy over the bend in the river that we needed to pass through. It posed no threat coming but with the river higher, that beam would be a lot closer, narrowing the underpass and making it a tad dangerous. – All of a sudden, like a sea urchin, there it was and it was coming for us. I screamed, “Down, down, down, down!” At the same time, I stretched back as far as I could with my paddle clutched across my chest. We didn’t hit it and we didn’t exactly go under it either. My buddy bailed and as soon as he did the canoe overturned and we were both in the drink sputtering and spattering as we came up gasping for air. The swift current crashed the canoe onto the shoreline accompanied by unlashed gear. – The others in the group, spectators to the happening, managed to avoid the catastrophe. Not a picture was taken to record the event, though the story is often told around an evening campfire. Funny…somehow the account gets a lot more spectacular and exciting than it really was.

      WE THANK YOU LORD, for the adventure of life and we thank you too for the quiet waters. Amen

      Photos by ND – A warning on a quiet river.
      – An unexpected sandbar – but nothing to worry about.

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      Some GREAT Advice for everyone, it’s the Same When your Hunting or Hiking maybe even Just Camping. I remember a time When I was setting up a Deer Stand and Pulling Hard on the Ropes that hold the Climbing Sticks to the Tree, Well One of them Snapped and all of a Sudden I was Falling Backwards. Luckily I thought jump and turn around So I Could hit the Ground and Roll. Well I did and I actually Rolled and Came Out Ok. It was a eye Opening event that taught Me you better Be Careful especially when your by Yourselves. To everyone be Careful out there and Prayers are always Helpful.

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      I’m with you on this because I’ve been Under a Canoe more than a few times and it can happen in a Split second. Funny thing is Usually it’s the Calm areas that get you in trouble because they put you at ease and you give you a false Security. B Careful out THERE.

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      Crane Man

      Been there I was actually in the flint River and had to Bail Out One year,BIG Hardwood Tree across the main Channel. You must watch your Surroundings

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      This is Funny yet Serious at the same time, years ago me and a friend were at Stone Mountain and while trying to empress a Couple of girls hit the Paddle on the same side and rolled our Canoe. It was embarrassing to say the least. Point is be Careful Out there and pay attention or you might get HURT.

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