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      If you have white oak trees on your land you already know what a draw the white oak acorns have for whitetail (turkeys, too). Don’t let the deer have all the fun. When the hunting is slow gather up a bucket or two of sound white oak acorns, shell ’em, clean ’em and toast ’em. Generally!!! white oak acorns are so sweet they need no boiling to remove tannins like some others. Don’t overcook, monitor the process so they are toasty but still tender. The taste is distinctive, rich with a little hint of the oak twang. You can dry them completely and pound in a mortar to make acorn flour for baking. I never seem to have any left on hand for this more labor intensive process; all mine get gone as snacks. Of course you can also pound them down with other edible seeds, dried fruit (dried fully ripe persimmons will work) and fat to make pemican, the original trail food.Give these free treats a try and tell me what you think.

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      Very interesting, I’ll have to give that a try !

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