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      Minerals are very important to your Deer Heard, this time of Year the Does are getting ready to drop there Fawns and the Bucks are trying to recover from the Winter and the Rut. You can find Minerals at the Feed and Seed Stores or local Hunting Stores, if you want to go Cheap you can always buy ice Cream salt an dissolve this in hot Water or another Idea is to hang it in the Trees in pantyhose. When it rains the salt will dissolve Slowly and fall to the Ground. This also keeps the Deer Coming Back to these Areas of your Hunting Property. Try to put the Minerals in the same place every year. It’s also a GREAT place to put trail Cameras!

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      Excellent advice! I put Minerals out every year and I too put some ice Cream salt out along with my trace minerals, I put mine in old milk jugs with VERY hot water to melt the Salt then I just pour it in the Dirt ! Works GREAT

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      GREAT Advice! I try to put out minerals every year I think it really helps the Deer.

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      Always good to Keep Minerals Out ! Good Reminder

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      Like the idea of the panty hose or stocking salt bag. Sounds like it would kind of freshen the spot with every rain. I was reminded this past weekend how important mineral salts are to big critters. The Cincinnati museum had a display of extinct mega-fauna at the airport and a number of the fossils were found at a place called Big Bone Lick, a natural mineral lick that has attracted large mammals since the earliest times. And when I say large I mean LARGE! Wouldn’t have to take but one of the giant bison to fill everybody’s freezer.

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      Thanks for the reminder! I need to get some out soon.

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