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      Well it’s early Summer and I’m already having Dreams of Fall. Doing my Deer Homework every chance I get, this is not a hobby but a way of life and Obsession you might Say. I spend 30 plus weekends a year in the Woods planting and putting out Minerals and cutting limbs and Moving tree Stands. Just after the Season Ends each year I start Scouting for the Upcoming Season looking for Sheds and trying to find that Elusive BIG BUCK. This year I have found a GREAT New Spot that I feel will Produce a Special Deer, this last weekend I put up my latest ambush Stand. The Special of the Day was when I had finished my Work I jumped a Fawn but it was Big Enough to jump and Run probably around Thirty Pounds. The Lord always makes a trip to the Woods Special! The Funny thing was when I walked up to the Tree there was Deer Droppings all around I Knew I had made a GREAT CHOICE.

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      That’s a GREAT looking Spot! Nice Work

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      Nice Camouflage I can barely See the Stand!

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      It seems that it’s a full Time JOB Sometimes! But what a GREAT way to spend your Spare time. Good stand Placement.

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      Great work and congrats on all you have accomplished. Even on your own land there is little safe opportunity for stalking and taking a deer from the ground. Tree stand use is a huge safety plus, especially when firearms are involved. The downward line of fire insures no errant bullet will cause what we used to call (guess they still do) “collateral damage.” Today we really get our hunting time in before the shooting season starts. Finding all the scrapes, rubs, tracks, trails and food is the hunting part. Once that’s done its a matter of patience, quiet and marksmanship. Can’t wait for opening day.

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      A good looking Stand Site for Sure! Looks like GREAT back Cover for Concealment.

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