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      How’s everyone doing out there ? How’s your Season going and are you seeing Deer or just waiting on that Special BUCK ! The BIG 9 I’m trying to Harvest hasn’t shown up but I still have meat from last year so letting many walk. Good luck to everyone

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      Starting to see many Small Bucks moving around even a nice 7pt last weekend but not the One I’m looking for so far !

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      Well I took a early Buck mainly because I needed meat he’s fairly good haven’t decided if I’m going to mount him. NOW I’m only BIG BUCK Hunting for Sure.

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      Crane Man

      Haven’t Pulled the Trigger yet ! Still Hoping I find the Big Buck I’ve seen on my trail Camera.

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      I actually missed a Doe about two weeks ago with my Bow and I really hate that, My only Consultation is it was a Clean Miss ! Hopefully I will get another Chance but it’s going to have to be a GREAT Shot Opportunity.

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      Seen many deer in only two weekends of hunts. Was waiting on a big one, but I think next time I go it will be time to drop a spike if I see one for meat. Doe days are now over in Texas, but spikes and 13″ wide bucks are legal. Hang in there Bravo, hope you get another chance at one with the bow.

Viewing 5 reply threads
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