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      Kevin Remillard

      How’s everyone like your chops? My answer is I like em anyway they hit the table. I think my favorite are the butterfly chops, but today I cooked two loins on the grill. Marinated with oil, kosher salt, pepper, then gave it a BBQ glaze while it slow cooked on my grill. It was great! We like ours mid-rare to medium. It was very tender and delicious. And I swear it taste better when you kill it yourself! Elena and I had the conversation over dinner… she liked this so much, she said she likes the loins the best. I told her I was still a fan of the butter fly chops, but i know my brother likes the bone in chops. I don’t think there is a wrong answer, just figured I’d get everyone’s opinion!

      Deer Friday!

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      Looking good ! Can’t beat those Chops on the Grill. Make you want to go shoot a Deer!

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      On the GRILL! Charcoal for Sure

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      Anyway you Cook em I’ll Eat them ! I do like the Boneless Pieces.

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      Can’t Beat Chops! Love Them

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      Got to go with the bone in chops over Charcoal. Gas grill will dry them out. My wife likes putting spicy mustard on them for a marinade before they hit the grill. Make sure you don’t cook them too long and take them off the grill with a little blood oozing out. Our old friend Joe used to say when it looked like they weren’t cooked enough, “I’ll show you what to do with that” and he would proceed to pick it up off the grill and eat it right there on the spot.

      By the way, I’m getting low on chops, it is deer season yet?

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      I try and keep it simple, a liitl salt, a little pepper, a strip of bacon wrapped crosswise to meet it moist. Grill and go. Can’t be beat.

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      Kevin Remillard

      THanks for the feedback, I’m actually out of Chops now! I guess that mean I just need to shoot bigger and probally one more deer so I can survive through these awful GA summers!

      Come on deer season, hurry up and get here!

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