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      Well it’s hard to believe but its only about six Weeks Until Turkey Season, my Bus Property had lots of Turkeys years ago when I first bought it. The land behind me had Big Beautiful Pines and Hardwoods but they came in and Cut the Timber about two years after I Purchased my Tract, all of a Sudden the Turkeys were Gone. I was pleasantly Surprised this year to find Birds again on my trail Camera in my Food Plots. It Should be a interesting Spring and Hopefully a GREAT Turkey Season!

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      Nice looking Turkeys for Sure !

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      Good News! Sounds like your trees are getting Big enough so the Turkeys are feeling secure and Comfortable. Might be a GREAT Season, Good LUCK.

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      Always a GREAT Time of Year, looks like your Season is going to be A good One!

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      Can’t wait! Turkey hunting has it all. Careful scouting is required, maximum concealment is a must, seductive calling is the only path to success and accurate range estimation and expert marksmanship have to be there to close the deal. Real big game hunting, too. Are you going to use a shotgun or stick with the bow? That’s a huge challenge. Love to get one this year; good to eat, feathers for tying flies and fletching arrows and wingbones to make more turkey calls.

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      Man those are some good looking Birds! I think things are getting better on your property.

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      Gobble Gobble

      A few more days.

      We took my buddies 10 yr old last Saturday for youth season, had a monster come in but the little guy just couldn’t get a bead on him. It was fun though.

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