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      Well I went down to the Bus Saturday afternoon mainly to check on the place and get a couple of Hunts in. I really didn’t think about the possibility of the Power being off but luckily it was on when I got there. There were a few trees down but nothing real serious, I hunted Saturday Evening and I should have known better because I was dripping with Sweat in no time. I didn’t see anything but thought I heard one behind me at around 7:00. I took a Duck Bath in the Sink and got as Clean as possible, Sunday Morning was really COOL and I saw a couple of Deer a 4pt and a Doe so it was GREAT. The Moral of this Story is don’t go Bow Hunting until it Cools Off ! I’m planning to be back October 16, Hopefully it will be Comfortable and Cool. Usually this week before Gun Season starts is a GREAT week for Me, I try to get my Buck before they start RUNNING because it’s hard to hit a RUNNING Buck with a Bow. Good luck to Everyone hopefully you get the BIG ONE.

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      Thanks for the report. Glad no serious damage an congrats on deer contact. With you on the cool weather hunting. Maybe November. Deer was on the Thanksgiving menu, too. How did everyone else do?

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      Definitely to HOT for the Afternoon Hunts ! Come on Cool Weather

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      Definitely to HOT for afternoon hunts ! This Morning was good saw a deer way off couldn’t tell what it was. Need some Cool Weather.

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      Crane Man

      Your right it’s to HOT ! I like October

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      Nice, its always good to get out there and see that first deer of the year, even if it is hot! Here’s to cooler weather! Can’t wait for opening weekend of rifle season!

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      Kevin Remillard

      I went to Chattahoochee Hills and hunted 92 South Club. Hunted Friday Evening, Saturday Evening and sunday morning. Got skunked on Friday, saw 3 on Saturday night, but all buttons and a smaller doe that came out right at dusk. It def was nice to get back in the woods, but you’re right, way too hot during the afternoons. I cant wait for this weather to cool down. Nothing better than Fall weather in a tree stand. Either way, it was fun just to get back out there. I look forward to getting back out there at the BUS!

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