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      Can you Believe it’s Less than 4 Months until Bow Season! Seams like Yesterday it was New Year’s and it’s already May. There’s lots of Work to be Done Food Plots to plant and stands to Move limbs to be Trimed and Don’t forget Practice Practice Practice ! Anybody else Dreaming of Antlers in the Fall ?

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      It’s Coming on Fast! Be here before you Know it, and I’ll be Ready. I do need to Fling some Arrows for Sure!

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      Man this is going by Fast, I don’t Bow hunt much but I like to Scout this time of Year! I’m Ready

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      Crane Man

      Anyone have any Information on Hunting with a crossbow ?

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      Crossbows are legal for deer in archery, primitive weapon and firearms seasons in Georgia. Always good to check the new regs when they come out in August but it has been years since the last restrictions were removed. Used to be you had to be disabled to hunt with crossbow. Exercise care with the crossbow. Or more correctly with the bolts or arrows. When I was in the business we had lots of customers that ran into accuracy problems because they wanted to use the same points they were used to. Point selection and tuning the bolts is a little trickier with a crossbow. Consider an open on impact “broadhead” but be sure it will not open prematurely due to the thrust. And remember, Keep Your Thumb Down. Leave it in the travel plane of the bowstring and you will have a painful new experience, at best. No kidding, people do grip the bow with a thumb in the way of the string. Not good. Please do not over reach with the crossbow. In spite of its apparent “power” advantage we are still talking about a short range weapon. For humane kills, I think any archery gear is a 40 yard max proposition. And that is in open country. Even a crossbow bolt is not good at brush bustin’. Have fun and let us know what’s on the market for the crossbow hunter today if you go that route.

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      Im ready (excited!) for it to be here but Im not ready (prepared!) for it to be here. I spend my summer months doing honeydos and they just keep adding up.

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