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      Well I hunted my Dads house yesterday he’s going to be 92 on November the First, it’s funny my Mom uses to Say the Goblins brought him. I saw 4 Deer a spike a Doe an two Yearlings. I have hunted there for years and killed my Biggest Buck at this property. Its in DEKALB country Georgia which is Bow Only and not to far from my home. My Mom has been gone for almost Five years, she didn’t like it when I got a Deer so I wouldn’t shoot any Does, not sure how many more years I have so I really try an enjoy each hunt. I’ve included pictures hope you Enjoy. Ps Every time I go to the Woods I thank God for another Opportunity to be in His fabulous CREATION! THE WOODS

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      Thanks for sharing the memories. Those are the real blessings that are part of the ourdoor life. Its great to take a monster buck or land a big bass or trout but the things that lasts are the memories of trips with friends or memories of those solitary monents in harmony with God’s creation. Its great to be able to bring back to mind the small game trips that my father, my school friends and I used to enjoy half a century ago. Or to remember my older son and myself hauling in Saluda River white bass, hand over fist. Or that first duck hunt, with birds, in squadrons, skimming the blind and layers of them filling the sky over the Samworth WMA. These are not only a comfort but an inspiration. The good old days are right now.

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      That’s a GREAT STORY! There are some good Post back in the previous months.

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      That’s a good Post and a GREAT BUCK!

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      Memories with your Dad you will always cherish!

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