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      Well i got some Great News a few weeks ago! My Oldest Son and his family are moving to North Carolina from Texas 😂 FUNNY thing is my Wife and I were talking not to long ago and she said they would move back near us one day. If any of you don’t know BFM Hunt on the website is My Oldest. I’m so happy because we are only going to be about 4 hours away from each other instead of 13. Thanks for listening to a Happy and Proud grandfather! The picture is from his Hunting land in Bogota Texas.

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      That’s Awesome News Huntaholic! I know you’re excited. Congrats

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      BIG Jim

      I know you’re Happy and excited about this Huntaholic, i know you’ll be Hunting at the famous Bus property this Fall. Great News

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      Great News for your family for Sure, kinda cool that he’s coming back from Texas. I know you had Fun in the lone star state but North Carolina has some good Hunting too 😂.

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      Fantastic News Huntaholic! I know you and Your Son will have a Great time Hunting together again Congratulations.

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      Northern Dancer

      I’m happy for you and your wife. Family is so very important and the heart testifies to the same. I’m glad to hear the news. AND…you never know, he just might want to be a tad closer than the four hours and that would be okay too.

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      Jack 3

      Some Welcome News for you and your Son and his family! I know you’re excited about this and will enjoy having them much Closer. Great Post

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      Great News for your family and your Son and the Future Hunting Seasons!. I’m excited for you Good Post

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      Really excited to being back east closer to family and I know it will be a good move for us! My company is supporting the move and will allow me to stay on working remote from where we end up, so that is a great blessing. I hit 19 years with them as of today! It will be bittersweet leaving Texas as we love the community and many friends we’ve made. I’m a little sad to lose the Texas land and bus as I love that place and put a lot of work into it, but I’ve got the lifetime hunting license for GA so I’ll be able to hunt with my DAD and brothers a good bit. Maybe I can find a tract in NC in the near future as well. All and all were really excited to be closer and spend more time with family! Will let you all know once we get out there and settled in.

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