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      Kevin Remillard

      This is my new Puppy “Remi”. My Girlfriend ( of 5 years) and I rescued this puppy from a shelter in Jefferson GA right before Xmas day. This was her Xmas present. Sadly enough, the shelter owners said they found 9 puppies that were dumped in the middle of the woods. Not all of the puppies made it, but his brothers and sisters and him were all snuggled up in a tree stump in the middle of the woods. We drove an hour to go see this litter. The minute I pulled up, I knew we were not going home empty handed. There were 4 total puppies. The crazy thing was the shelter folks thought there was two separate dads because the puppies were very different in color. There was a black puppy, a brown puppy, and two blonde puppies. It was so hard to pick out of them. I let my girlfriend pick, and she chose this one because he gave her the most kisses. We dont know for sure, but the shelter folks and the vet all thought he was a mix between a lab, retriever, and maybe a little doberman or chow in him. After the first day, I knew we had the right one. “Remi” is so friendly to kids and other dogs. In this picture he is 12 weeks old. It’s been a blessing to have him in our life. We are very strict with him, but very disciplined to try and give him the best life possible. He walk together twice a day, but I have taught him to fetch. I bought a sling shot duck dog toy that he just loves. I can shoot it in the air 15-20 feet and he runs after it as soon as it hits the ground. It’s a little too big for him, but he can still bring it back. Maybe one day he will be a duck hunter? I’ve never duck hunted, but my good buddy does and said I can go with him sometime. If I do, I plan on bringing Remi to try and help us!

      We just love Remi, and look forward to watching him grow as part of our family.

      Last but not least, I’d appreciate a prayer for the little guy. We were informed this week that Remi has an irregular heart beat. He is very healthy and active, but they monitored it 3 times and said his rate was high and irregular for his age. We have to do a puppy ultra sound to see if it is something serious. I think we will be fine, but def. appreciate your prayers.


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      Sounds like a GREAT Future Hunting Partner! Nothing better than a GOOD DOG to keep you Company in the Woods.

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