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      Sometimes good things just fall in your hands. A friend let me know about huge sections of river birch at the roadside in her neighborhood. As a carver I wanted to experiment with the wood but as an outdoor enthusiast I got the bonus of the birch bark. Not enough to make a canoe but plenty to hoard as one of nature’s finest fire starters. The natural oils in the bark make it light easily and burn like a house afire. Not a “native” to this area birch are common landscape trees and since they shed bark constantly a good supply of this material is easily obtained. Forage for a bag full and check out what I say. Camp fire or fireplace birch bark is hard to beat.

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      That’s some GREAT information! I had not Heard of this Before, a good thing to know if you were out in the woods an needing to make a Fire for Survival Situation.

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