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      Had a chance to spend couple of days at my sister’s mountain home near Franklin NC. Her little community has several lakes and in the largest one the bream were particularly active. Perfect chance for getting the fly rod out for the first time this season. I picked a wet fly instead of a bream popper, it was one I tied on the pattern of and old Welsh trout fly, blue body with yellow butt section and gray wings. It didn’t take many casts to hook the first bream, heavy, thick and much better than “hand size.” At one spot they liked it when I stripped in the line in short random jerks. Next spot, however, no dice on this retrieve. Nothing happened until I began to raise the rod for retrieve, making the fly swim rapidly through the water for three or four feet. That was the trick. When the fish are there but uncooperative, change the retrieve and see if that helps. Tight Lines.

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      I really like catching Bream they put up a GREAT fight! Eat Good to.

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      Next time up, I’ll get some photos.These guys were on the bed so I did catch and release. Later on I’ll have a chance for some sweet eatin’. Walleye and yellow perch are great eating fish, too, but not so easy to come by. I caught some nice walleye in Blue Ridge a few years ago and there used to be pretty good perch fishing in the ‘hooch below Morgan Falls Dam.

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