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      Northern Dancer

      Hello everyone. I’ve been so very busy of recent date that I seem to have less time to enjoy Faith Outdoors as much as I would like to. I’m never sure of the audience but if it’s okay I would like to share this with the constituency.

      I was amused listening in on a conversation two guys were having about purchasing a sleeping bag. I overheard the salesperson saying, “This is the best!” I immediately flinched and held onto a display rack to prevent myself from shredding my expensive Tilley shirt to expose my super stopper uniform. I don’t know how I managed to restrain myself, but I found the strength do it.

      THERE IS NO BEST. Let me repeat that…there is no best in equipment. Best usually means topline, like most expensive. Best is merely a subjective term – an expressed opinion usually based on few facts and little research. We see it everywhere – The best tent. Really? Are you telling me you have examined and researched all four thousand models and you have decided that “Pinky Tree Awesome Tent Company” has the best?

      When looking at best ask yourself some basic questions. 1 When am I going to use this? 2 How often? 3 What will be the conditions? 4 What I’m I prepared to pay for the best? 5 What are the pros and cons of this piece of equipment? 6 What do the independent consumer reports have to say about this product? And more especially – 7 when does it go on sale?

      Do you really need to have special brand named underwear? For how much did you say? Get real. All sounds like a rant, but it is not intended to be. It’s just sad when I see people purchasing the “best” when it probably really isn’t.

      Here is a page from A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. “The two big shocks were how expensive everything was – each time Dave dodged into the storeroom or went off to confirm a denier rating. I stole a look at price tags and was invariably appalled – and how every piece of equipment appeared to require some further piece of equipment. How much is this pack anyway? Two hundred and fifty dollars. Two hundred and fifty dollars! Are you shi____, I paused and put on a new voice. Are you saying, Dave, that I pay $250.00 for a pack and it doesn’t have straps and it isn’t waterproof? He nodded. Does it have a bottom in it?”

      It’s a good read.

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      Love this Topic, it amazes me every year when all these Manufacturers of Hunting Bows or Camouflage are saying it’s the best ever ! Of course the next year they have a New Absolutely The Best again. My first Bow after I decided to go Bow Only for Deer was a Parker and I hunted with it for 9 Seasons and actually killed my Biggest buck to date. Some of the Older equipment I have is Quality Stuff, I also am one to stick with something if its working. I’m Hunting with a Matthews Bow now and have had it for several years. I’m with you Dancer if someone says it’s the best I’m sceptical for Sure.

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      Good Post ! I have actually bought so called the Newer and BEST and have been VERY DISAPPOINTED. What you should do is not get in a hurry and research your next Purchase, it’s just easy to get carried away so be Careful.

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      This is True ! Sometimes the Best is Definitely NOT.

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      Great Post ! I truly believe that if they Claim it’s the best ever you need to be VERY Wary. Unfortunately I have done this

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